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Principal/Founder – Zanymation
Partner – International Animation Consulting
Group (IACG)
Former Executive Director – ASIFA
President – ASIFA India
Bill Dennis has been in the animation
industry for thirty years. In his role as CEO
and founder of the International Animation
Consulting Group , he was responsible for
the birth of India’s top animation studio. He
is regarded as one of the most influential
people in Asian animation today.
Prior to his work in India, Bill was affiliated
with Turner Broadcasting’s Hanna Barbera
Studios. At Fil Cartoons in Manila, he also
produced the premiere episodes of Dexter’s
Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Cow
and Chicken for Cartoon Network. For twenty
years, Bill was an executive with the Walt
Disney Studios, most recently as Vice
President of Feature Animation. While at
Disney, he orchestrated the talent and
resources for feature film production
including Beauty and the Beast,
The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and
Aladdin. He founded the ASIFA India chapter
and remains active in his role as President
Emeritus. He also serves as Executive
Director of ASIFA International.
Bill is a frequent juror for animation festivals
and is a voting member of the Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences. He is also one of
the founders and principals of Zanymation
Associates, a boutique animation studio with
operations in the USA and Germany. He also
is a founding partner in the Los
Angeles based, International Animation
Consulting Group.