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Dad's Fragile Doll

Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
year: 2013
Running Time:
Short film [10 to 45 min]
Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
The program:


A young girl reconstructs events leading to her
father's imprisonment and execution using dolls her
mother has made. The young girl takes vengeance
on the prison guard puppet doll........

Director's BIO

I was born in Shiraz, Iran on 25.01. 1981. I got interested in cinema and theatre since teen age. During my secondary education I staged several shows at school. I won the award for the best school show in 1997.
I started work as play-write and assistant director in Iran Radio & TV since 1998. I successfully completed various Radio & TV training courses by 2000.
My other activities are as follows:
2013- “Portereh Ba Baran Bebar” documentary
2012- “Portreh Cheraghha” documentary on censorship in Iranian literature
2011- Fajr Film Festival TV editor
2011- Safarnameh Sitsan
2011- The best film at Naser Khosro Festival
2009, 2010 and 2011- Management Excellence from the Islamic Culture and Propaganda Ministry for managing the Madreseh Kargahiye Cinema
2010- “Farjoaha va Faryadha”, screenplay and editor
2010 to 2013- “Arosake Cheeniye Baba”, screenplay and editor
2010 to 2013- Speaker in Shiraz University as a critique and expert
2009- Translation, critique and assessment of the “The Grapes of Wrath” book
2009- “Aghle Sorkh”, screenplay and editor
2009- Established Golbarg Film company and member of the management committee
2008- “Chahar Marge Yek Nevisandeh” documentary on censorship in Iranian literature
2007 to 2013- Teacher of directing at Madreseh Kargahiye Cinema
2006- Translation, critique and assessment of the “21 Grams” book
2006- “Makoo Video Art”, editor
2006 to 2113- Writing articles for Shargh, Eaatemad and Bahar newspapers
2005 to 2007- Editor for TV commercials: “Omidan”, “Zamzam”, “Mozhgan” and several others
2005- Iranian Cinema programme in co-operation with the American Brown University
2004- “MIT” documentary film
2004- Editing and Directing Unit
2003- Manager of Shiraz Film Association
2002- Established Madreseh Kargahiye Cinema (Cinema Workshop School)

2001- “Parandegan Cheezi Nemibarand” short film
2001- “Jahan Nema”, Editor
2000- “Paeeze Khakestari” short film
2000- “Mosabegheh Delavar Mardane Fatah”, Editor, Stage Secretary and Assistant Director
2000- “Sanaiyaae Dastiye Fars”, Director and Editor
1999- “Didgah”, Editor and assistant director
1999- “Iran Salle Sefr” radio play
Awards and Prizes:
2004- The best Editing for the film Vahed at Ahvaz Festival
2009- The best film at Shiraz Festival for the film Aghle Sorkh
2000- The best TV documentary at Iran Radio and TV Festival


phone: 0098 711 2324623