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What's your secret of long life

Eszter Jánka
year: 2013
Running Time:
2D computer
Super short [about 1 min]
Eszter Jánka
Eszter Jánka
The program:


The animated short film tries to find the secret of long life. 13 lovely elderly animals are ready to share their secrets and give you tips how they managed to live for such a long time. A short but heart-warming interview, which contains the truth about life.

Director's BIO

Eszter Jánka was born in Győr, Hungary 1995. She attends the German High School-Thomas Mann Gymnasium in Budapest, where she is making her final year.
She gained first professional knowledge in traditional animation at the animation classes of Ferenc Rófusz (Academy award winner animation film director) in the Art School of Buda from 2009 till 2011. From 2012 she is taking private animation classes in the field of 2D computer animation by Kati Glaser (animation film director, teacher of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest). Beside animation she is studying classical drawing at the art classes of Noémi Fábián in the Art School of Buda.
From 2012 she has created several different animated short films for student film competitions. The animated short film "Migration-Flucht won" the first price of the international section of the student film competition "this human world", a competition on human rights organised by the UN in Vienna 2012. Her second animated short "Balett" won the first price and the audience award of the student film competition of the Budapest Festival Orchestra, "Hear what you see!" in April 2013. The short animation film "Eine Geschichte" won the first price in the category animation of the student film competition "this human world" of the UN in november 2013.
The animated short film "What’s your secret of long life" was selected for the official competition programme of ZubrOffka international short film festival in the section of "Eastward window" competition.