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A Drop of Gold

Christophe Peladan
year: 2013
Running Time:
Stop-motion (animated objects, puppets, clay animation, etc.)
Short film [10 to 45 min]
Exfool’s Production
David Crisp
The program:


As a pirate enters the Kingdom of the Dead he encounters it's beautiful Queen. She captures his heart, but hers is not so easily won…

Director's BIO

Christophe Peladan was born in the Toulouse area, southern France, on the 12th of February 1976.
After graduating with a Master of Arts at the University Toulouse II le Mirail, he soon became aware that stop motion was the form of artistic expression that retained most of the versatility he was looking for.
After experimenting for some months with the medium, he applied for a position of stop motion animator on various projects, and started animating for 9 months on the TV series Dragon, at Scopas/ Clayart, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
This proved to be an excellent training, and it confirmed his interest in stop motion.
He then carried on with his animator’s career and worked on several locations mostly within Europe.
In 2007, he decided to start doing his own movies and applied to a residence program at the Open Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, to direct his first short movie, Goutte d’Or.
During the course of the production, he also took some breaks to work on other projects such as directing another short movie, “The wind on the Cypress Hill”, in Changchun, China, with the help of animation students, or animating on the Aardman feature film “The Pirates in an adventure with scientists”.
He is currently back in Viborg, where he is developing a new short movie project.